About Me

Hi there <3

My name is Méline and I am an author, writer, guide and coach in the field of Transformation.  Let us say that Transformational is the least you can say about my work and guidance in the field of coaching and spiritual mentorship.  Behind my layer as a Human Being, I have multiple layers of experience in the field of energy work and channeling as well as coaching in real life.  Having seen everything from esotheric worlds to physical realm challenges and participating as a Mentor during the process of thousands of transformations lived by my clients, I have much experience to offer.

I have practiced years in the nursing field as well as in the field of energetic therapy and spirituality.  After 7 years of offering services like healings and readings, channelings, workshops, courses and coaching on a very international level, I have now started a new journey to combine the energetic realm and knowledge with the physical realm and health experience.  Currently I returned to my caregiver job in combination with life coaching and energy healings. Beside of this am I practising yoga which inspires me to get to teaching later.  I am delighted to start this blog with inspirational writings which are birthed from the field of spiritual knowledge mixed with embodied experience and Earthly reality.

May these writings inspire you and most of all acivate things for you as these have been for me.  Welcome to this transformational journal.



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